Academic work (meaning , diseases)

Definitions related to the surveilance of Environmental and Occupational Diseases




Environmental and Occupational Diseases could be grouped as follows: 

      1. Diseases caused by chemical agents

          1.1 Disease caused by benzene or its toxic homologues

          1.2 Disease caused by toluene or its toxic homologues

          1.3 Disease caused by styrene or its toxic homologues

          1.4 Disease caused by xylene or its toxic homologues

          1.5 Disease caused by cadmium or its toxic compound

          1.6 Disease caused by chromium or its toxic compound

          1.7 Disease caused by manganese or its toxic compound

          1.8 Disease caused by arsenic or its toxic compound

          1.9 Disease caused by mercury or its toxic compound

        1.10 Disease caused by mercury or its toxic compound

        1.11 Diesease caused by chlorine

        1.12 Disease caused by ammonia

        1.13 Disease caused sulphur dioxide or sulphuric acid

        1.14 Disease caused by carbon monoxide

        1.15 Disease caused by hydrogensulphide

        1.16 Disease caused by pesticides

      2. Diseases caused by physical agents

          2.1 Hearing impairment caused by noise

          2.2 Disease caused by heat radiation

      3. Diseases caused by biological agents

          3.1 Tuberculosis

          3.2 Anthrax

      4. Occupational Respiratory Diseases

          4.1 Silicosis

          4.2 Asbestosis

          4.3 Byssinosis

          4.4 Occupational asthma

      5. Occupational skin diseases

           5.1 Occupational Irritant Contact Dermatitis

           5.2 Occupational Allergic Contact Dermatitis

      6. Occupational musculo-skeletal disorders

           6.1 Work-related low back pain